2011 BMW i3 Concept at Frankfurt Auto Show

Sunday, July 31, 2011

bmw-i3-concept-turing-frontIn Frankfurt, BMW out the big guns with two concepts employing power in large parts of carbon. The BMW i3 comes in the form of a minispace to complement the duo’s big brother cut i8.Everyone now knows, the big offensive in the automotive market for electric cars segment. BMW is no exception and has every intention to attack, in terms of sportiness with its cut i8, but also mobility with i3.

bmw-i3-concept-turing-backThis is an answer for those seeking an electric vehicle adapted to everyday needs for use primarily urban. Practice, designed to provide optimum efficiency, the i3 brand with style BMW’s entry into the electric era. Unlike many vehicles, the BMW i3 is not the result of the conversion of a vehicle, but rather a creation of its own. A process that has to rethink the organization of elements on board the car to an enhanced livability.

Stylistically, the i3 concept is strongly oriented towards the car of tomorrow. With its large windows to let in light, its doors for easy access antagonists. He tries to charm the public. Add to that a load volume of more than 200 liters, and you get a vehicle that should convince many. To counter the weight gain induced by the arrival of the batteries and all the artillery necessary to the effectiveness of electric vehicles, BMW has opted for building materials that provide both lightness and strength without adversely affecting the behavior road.

bmw-i3-concept-frontThe architecture of the car, called the LifeDrive, combines two modules. Drive module includes the frame, the energy accumulator, the drive system and active functions in a collision. All in a structure consisting essentially of aluminum. Life module for its part is an interior light and resistant reinforced, not surprisingly, by carbon fibers. Its light weight helps to preserve the autonomy of the car while improving performance.


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