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Pocket Ferrari: Alfa Romeo 4C Concept Live Photos Geneva Motor Show 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Alfa-Romeo-4C-Concept-LiveCompact, size 4C: He is about four feet in length and wheelbase of 2.4 meters. Fall short overhangs front and from behind. Light suppressed by Alfa Romeo, weight 850 pounds. Most of the body is made of carbon. Structure frame and rear crash structure is made of aluminum.

Alfa-Romeo-4C-Concept-Live-2012-car-2Concepts 4C is equipped with the famous Giulietta models 159 and 1.8-liter four-cylinder turbo. 200 hp is a concept-car is available. Serious performance production models are then defined with less than four pounds per hp. It is appropriate at first sight is not quite certain weight. Solution: Alfa Romeo advised to request that direct injection of 4C as the Giulietta series of 235 will make more than 200 hp. Even for studies to provide the performance of Italy's interesting: In less than five seconds it will go from zero to 100 km / hour. The highest speed is 250 km / h

Alfa-Romeo-4C-Concept-Live-2012-car-4Automatic Transmission
Power is transmitted via the automatic transmission Alfa TCT "with double clutch. With the familiar from other Alfa models," DNA "system can be selected from a variety of driving dynamics programs. For agile handling, suspension with front suspension and rear multi-link suspension McPherson provided. The weight is distributed so that the concept of 4C 40 percent front and 60 percent rear weight.

Alfa-Romeo-4C-Concept-Live-2012-car-3How much does it cost?
Now the only question: How 4C, when he came into production in 2012 as planned? Alfa calls at very affordable price: around 45,000 euros. This will be the 4C € 8,000 more expensive than the Lotus Elise. But he has about 100 less hp. Of more on the level of performance Alpha Lotus Evora 280-hp and 15,000 € more expensiv.


Roadster version of the Alfa Romeo 4C will Abarth

Alfa Romeo 4C will AbarthNo doubt the impression stealing models in Geneva this year is Alfa Romeo 4C concept that will go into production in 2012. The Autonews but said that Fiat would not stay on only one issue and so is already in the pipeline and the Abarth version. What could this mean that the roadster version of simatakia 4C will change and will be sold under the brand name Abarth (so maybe verify rumors).

To remind you that the Alfa Romeo 4C concept is two-seat sports coupe with four-cylinder engine turbo 1750 MultiAir TBI is mounted in the center and the movement is transmitted to the rear axle through a double clutch automatic gearbox TCT. It is made ​​of carbon and aluminum, weighs 850 pounds and provides 200 horses. 0-100 km / h makes it less than 5 seconds. Its length is 4 meters and a wheelbase of 2.4 meters touch. It has a ratio of 4 pounds per horse and wear sophisticated suspension with MacPherson struts in front and rear weight ratio of the front 40% and 60% return.