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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Gallery is made for car lovers who want to try something really challenging high-speed.

Cool Ferrari Car on California

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cool Ferrari Car on California viewFerrari car every year always out new models with high speed.
Center front engine with a maximum speed of 310 km / h Ferrari First with a double clutch and released the latest Ferrari. California is the most aerodynamic Ferrari yet. It costs € 140,000 and the average maintenance cost is not known. By using the California trip ferrari cars you will definitely feel very pleasant.

Cool Ferrari Car on California Picture

Ferrari California Convertible GT

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ferrari-california-gt-turing2011 Ferrari California Convertible GT with 4.3L V8


F1 Ferrari Wallpapers

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

f1-ferrari-wallpaper-front-viewF1 Ferrari Wallpapers Gallery


Black Ferrari Wallpapers

black-ferrari-wallpapers-on-cityBlack Ferrari Wallpapers : Not only synonymous with red, black Ferrari was very attractive and looks more powerful and elegant.


Ferrari Logo Wallpapers

Ferrari-wallpaper-LogoFerrari Logo Wallpapers: is a distinctive pride of Ferrari company. The symbol of Italian luxury car using the Prancing Horse emblem.


2011 Ferrari 599 SA Aperta

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Side-View-2011-Ferrari-599-SA-Aperta-Red-Color2011 Ferrari 599 SA Aperta were first introduced in the Salon de l'Automobile in Paris. This is a special series model of which is a strictly limited number of only 80 built. The sporty interior is particularly sophisticated materials, designs and colors used throughout. The Ferrari 599 SA Aperta with the architecture of the V12 engine. A windshield lowered lurks closer to the ground than to give our other models of SA Aperta an exceptionally aerodynamic sleekness.


2012 Ferrari FF

Front-View-2012-Ferrari-FF-Red-Color 2012 Ferrari FF will make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, with four seats ever versatile and powerful V12 engine combines an unprecedented level extremely sporty high performance with incredible versatility.

2012-Ferrari-FF-Side-View-Red-ColorWith the new 6262 cc V12 engine with direct injection develops 660 hp at 8,000 rpm, figures Ferrari FF specifications amazing acceleration (0-100 km / h in 3.7 sec.). There are six specific models exterior colors and sumptuous interior trim incorporating specially selected and treated aniline leather. According to rumors, the price of FF Ferrari will be in the region of $ 700,000.


* Engine
o Type: 65-degree V12
o Overall displacement: 6,262 cc
o Maximum power: 660 CV @ 8,000 rpm
o Maximum torque: 683 Nm @ 6,000 rpm
* Dimensions and weight
o Length: 4907 mm
o Width: 1953 mm
o Height: 1379 mm
o Dry weight: 1790 kg
o Weight distribution: 47% front, 53% rear
o Weight/power ratio: 2.7 kg/CV
* Performance
o Maximum speed: 335 km/h
o 0-100 km/h: 3.7 sec
* Fuel consumption and emissions (ECE+EUDC)
o Fuel consumption: 15,4 l/100 km
o Emissions: 360 g/km


Ferrari 360 Car Rental in Las Vegas, Nevada

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ferrari 360 Car Rental in Las Vegas 1Many of us are crazy about the sports car we often see in the television. To choose from there is a huge range of sports car McLaren, Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Ferrari or Pagani Zonda. If you are earning a lot of money from your job then your saving over a decade will enable you to buy a sport car you covet the most. The Pagani Zonda is a sports car from Italy, rarest of all cars that you will have ever come across. For this reason you might not have seen this anybody driving this car. With a Pagani Zonda car rental in Las Vegas, Nevada you can turn your most cherished dream into reality without spending a decade over it.

Ferrari 360 Car Rental in Las Vegas 2You can have your own personal experience by driving a Pagani Zonda and that also without doing away with your investments, home as well as savings. You can make your reservation of Pagani Zonda online, and step into a new rolling lifestyle befitting this sports car. You can move from one nightclub to another one, or may be from a partying place to your place.

The history of Pagani Zonda can be traced back to 1999 when Pagani introduced their first Zonda. The previous versions of the sports car were limited and the credit of its engineering goes to the most influential people in the industry of auto design. You can take position amongst the most trendy and elegant people in Vegas Strip with Pagani Zonda car rental in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Whichever Pagani Zonda pleases you, no matter what undoubtedly it will be one of the most exotic sports cars. You can make your choice from several version which can be availed such as C12, Zonda F, Zonda R Clubsport, the 2003 Zonda GR, Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster and you will surely like it. The car of your choice will completely sway you as it is immensely beautiful and jaw dropping as far as its performance is concerned.
Ferrari 360 Car Rental in Las Vegas 3Pagani Zonda car rentals in Las Vegas, Nevada has a whole range of alternatives from which you can make your own pick. However, if Zonda pleases your senses then gear yourself to pay the bill, and also find your party shoes as with Zonda you will have the time of your life which you will cherish it forever. Yes, Pagani Zonda will make your stay in Las Vegas, exclusive and mesmerizing forever.

Ferrari Enzo (FXX) Fast Cars

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ferrari Enzo (FXX) Fast Cars ViewThe Enzo FXX is an ongoing project, with the car still get updates. Enzo FXX is sold only if you are selected by the owner of the Ferrari and the change for about € 1,300,0000. Maintenance is very large, approximately € 40,000 per year.
But everyone will see you when you drive one, guaranteed. And when it's dark ... I dare you to take it out for a spin.

Ferrari Enzo (FXX) Fast Cars

How To Evaluate A Used Ferrari For Purchase Hot Ferrari View

Ferrari For Purchase Hot Ferrari View 1Each person would want to have a luxury car and cool and setiaporang must have different preferences in choosing mobilyang he likes. For car lovers, the most fun in a sports car slipped behind the wheel of a Ferrari. If your deepest desire to have a Ferrari, you'll want to make sure to evaluate Ferrari carefully before you make a purchase. In this way you can ensure that you get the quality vehicle that will be a good investment.

Ferrari For Purchase Hot Ferrari View 2Once you've narrowed down which particular Ferrari you would like to have as your own, you'll need to get an idea of how many vehicles are eligible. There are several good sources for Ferrari assessment. Although usually a wealth of information about making a few cars, the Kelley Blue Book lists no pricing information for used Ferrari. Instead, try N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Guide. Select "Consumer" guide, and then enter the make and model and year, and you'll get the price information back.

Ferrari For Purchase Hot Ferrari View 3You can search online for investing your nearest car dealer, although you'll have a wider selection to choose from if your search is not limited by geography. If you have a particular car that you're considering, you'll want to see the history of the car. One way to do this is to ask for Ferrari's history reports for sale. There are some available online, including Experian Automotive and Carfax, which offers guarantees for a used car history reports car.

In addition, you'll want to ask how the vehicle was maintained by previous owners. Poor maintenance can make for a car that is a bad investment, so checking on this critical area can be an important criterion for your Ferrari car evaluation. You also need to know whether the vehicle is ever in an accident, or survived floods, both of which can potentially reduce the value of the car. It pays to have a qualified mechanic of Ferrari dealers conduct pre-purchase inspection vehicle.

Ferrari For Purchase Hot Ferrari View 4Since this is an investment, you'll want to make sure to see how well the vehicle in question will maintain its initial value. Because they do not make more vintage Ferrari from the 1950s, for example, if you have one that is in great condition, the value will increase only due to the scarcity involved. The value can also partly based on popularity, and the way people think about its value.

Blocker is Jonthon Ferrari afficianado. Jonathon has encouraged many Ferraris, and has developed expertise in collectible Ferrari. Mengendarahi ferrari car with your travel will be safe and very pleasant.

Red Ferrari 430 Race Cars at Mid Ohio

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Red Ferrari 430 Race Cars

Red Ferrari 430 Super Cars

Red Ferrari 430 Race Cars Wallpaper

Silver Ferrari F430 Pictures

Silver Ferrari F430 Pictures 1Silver Ferrari F430 Pictures 1

Silver Ferrari F430 Pictures 2Silver Ferrari F430 Pictures 2