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2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo MY2011: Geneva Motor Show

Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo MY2011It is increasingly clear that today is the day for the Fiat Group models. After multiple updates itself Lancia and Fiat, Alfa Romeo is now that we know your models for the Geneva Motor Show. Among which we consider should be noted the new MiTo's 2011 range.

While not really a facelift or a restyling, the range of multipurpose get a few touches to make it more attractive. Thus, new ringtones for your body, add top-quality materials in the cabin and distinct decor. Another shock absorbers have been revised and By-Pass valve with variable response in the more powerful engines. In the case of QV versions, new seats and alloy wheels 18 inch options.

I will continue as before the engines, with a full and well structured:

* 78 hp 1.4i
* MultiAir 1.4i 105 hp
* Fine 1.4i Turbo 135 hp
* 1.4i Turbo 135 hp MultiAir TCT
* MultiAir 1.4i Turbo 170 hp
* 1.3 MJT 95 hp
* 1.6 MJT 120 hp

The models exhibited at the show will be the Fine 1.4i Turbo with dual-clutch sequential gearbox TCT, and QV MiTo 170 hp.

2012 Alfa Romeo MiTo: Technical Update

2012 Alfa Romeo MiTo: Technical Update frontThe most desirable urban chic Alfa Romeo Mito is a great success for clover but suffer from defects that are known and recognized, the suspension is either too hard and too soft after the coating, which is damaging both roadholding and comfort. Alfa Romeo aware of problems because manufacturers have made changes, but not convincing.

2012 Alfa Romeo MiTo: Technical Update SideAlfa back once again to fill, Harald Wester, the new boss Alfa Romeo, Abarth and Maserati, admitted even want to touch the city. Mito thus receive two valves and dampers inspired by his older brother Giulietta great for running gear and suspension settings famous.

As for management, it is simply an update of the software, all the rest of the electricity and therefore technically subject to an artificial sense of touch gone. Revised version of the Mito has been marketed since March 1.