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2011 Suzuki Kizashi EcoCharge

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Suzuki-Kizashi-EcoCharge-Front-SideNew York Auto Show, Suzuki will launch a hybrid version of the concept, the basis of Suzuki Kizashi and Kizashi Concept Suzuki called EcoCharge.

Suzuki-Kizashi-EcoCharge-Rear-SideSuzuki Kizashi EcoCharge engine with 2.0-liter inline four 144 hp gasoline, together with the electric propulsion system consisting of 15 kW motor generator unit cooling liquid / attached to the lithium-ion-115-V air cooled. Suzuki Kizashi Concept EcoCharge use more fuel-efficient technologies such as regenerative braking, start / stop systems, fuel cutoff during deceleration events and tires with low rolling-resistance. Change the style of the Suzuki Kizashi Concept EcoCharge designs include bright satin white paint single thin layer of blue background with the addition of modified headlights, LED fog lamps and alloy wheels measure.