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Pininfarina 2uettottanta - Alfa Romeo Spider

Friday, June 4, 2010

Alfa Romeo Spider Front

To prototype for the Alfa Romeo, 2uettottanta presented design house Pininfarina o Geneva. Wanting to show the future of Alfa Romeo Spider is the original length of 4.2 meters and has written for 80sta birthday group. Large hood, attractive design, compact rear, two doors, large wheels are the elements that make a successful roadster, the original data appear to have with the above. Under the hood is installed turbo 1750cc engine which we've already met the new 159 and the retro design blends harmoniously with modern elements such as light fixtures tech LED. Formal, Live photos and press release below.

Alfa Romeo Spider Side

Alfa Romeo Spider Turing

Alfa Romeo Spider Back

Alfa Romeo Spider Up and Interior