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2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Spy

Saturday, July 23, 2011

2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Spy Not due for significant upgrades Hyundai Genesis has just been released in the year 2010 yesterday. Hyundai running on modern roads. To be the best so we do not have to remain silent and that what is by changing the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe facelift. War horse power of the spirit to change the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe with great energy and facelift.
Not necessarily clear because Hyundai has not been confirmed, 4-cylinder and V-6 engines will be upgraded. According to rumors 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe will be supported by a 5.0-liter V8 engine that produces 429 horsepower will. And reportedly later Genesis Coupe will use 8-speed automatic transmission torque-converter. But other possibilities Genesis Coupe uses a more powerful V6 engine with four-wheel drive. Seeing this snow test coupe sports car will be packed with 4 wheels. Obviously very serious in this segment Hyundai.

2012 BMW 6 Series Convertible

Monday, June 20, 2011

2012-BMW-6-Series-Convertible-Side-View-22012 BMW 6 Series Convertible Concept With news about the BMW that now has released a new car with a BMW 6 series. and exhibition event in Cape Town, South Africa, In 2012 BMW has designed a car of the future a more sophisticated and more classy. BMW 6 series is in the design of a car, 6 series, created and designed with modern technology. The car that I will discuss is about 2012 BMW 6 Series Convertible, BMW has a very modern and artistic design.

2012-BMW-6-Series-Convertible-Interior-View2012 New BMW Series-6 With Concept Convertible, Elegant design is very visible in the view of this car. Because the grille of the BMW 6 series convertible is very classy so for the next design of this car in other parts of the body which also has an elegant impression because it was from the first glance this car seems so elegant. Headlights and bumpers also supports this new BMW car to add prestige and power that emanated from the design and form of a convertible car. The luxurious ambience of the interior is highlighted by the driver-oriented cockpit set-up and wraps the front passenger and rear passengers in a feeling of exclusive security.


2012 Alfa Romeo Introduced the 159 Super and Elegant Car

Monday, June 13, 2011

alfa-romeo-159-super-front-sideThis week is the release version of the Super-model Alfa Romeo MiTo, and now it is the turn version 159. Externally, the Alfa Romeo 159 Super features unique side mirrors, alloy 17-inch wheels..

alfa-romeo-159-super-interior-photoThe driver and passengers can enjoy a navigation system with maps of European countries, the system Blue & Me, with the ability to connect Bluetooth, and a multifunctional steering wheel in leather braided carbon fiber dash trim, etc.

alfa-romeo-159-super-dashboardWith regard to the cost of the car, it starts from 23,700 euros for the sedan and 24,900 euros per wagon. Both versions are driven by a 2.0-liter JTDM, capacity of 136 hp

2011 Eagle Jaguar E-Type Speedster Lightweight

Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011-Eagle-Jaguar-E-Type-Speedster-Lightweight-Front-Angle2011 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Speedster by Eagle will debut in 2011 the Salon Prive, supercar Concours d'Elegance and luxury, held at Syon House in west London on June 22 to 24, 2011.

2011-Eagle-Jaguar-E-Type-Speedster-Lightweight-Rear-AnglePowered by a 4.7L 6 cylinder engine makes 310-hp with maximum torque of 340 lb-ft at 3600 rpm. Mated with a 5-speed gearbox, E-Type Lightweight Speedster goes from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds with a top speed of 160 mph.

Machine connected to a five-speed manual transmission, which allows roadster to accelerate from 0-60 mph in fewer than 5 sec. Also, it can suppress a top speed of 160 mph (258 km / h).

E-Type Lightweight Speedster sports 16-inch tires on aluminum rims with a radius of stainless-steel, drilled and aluminum caliper disc brakes with vented 4-pot, double wishbones, adjustable shocks and stabilizer bars.

Eagle-Jaguar-E-Type-Speedster-Lightweight-2011-SideJaguar E-Type Speedster

Eagle, makers of the exclusive Eagle E-Type, showcases the world's most exclusive hand built car - the E-Type Speedster Lightweight - an authentic Jaguar E-Type from the 1960s reworked with more muscular styling, fresh classic detailing, and the performance of a contemporary supercar.

This outstanding car makes its public debut at 2011 Salon Privé, the luxury supercar and Concours d'Elegance, taking place at Syon House in west London on 22nd-24th June, 2011.

Henry Pearman, the founder of Eagle, says of the new Speedster Lightweight: "The elements in this remarkable alchemy are an original Jaguar E-Type, thirty years of dedicated experience, and the absolute cream of our widely acclaimed engineering developments and upgrades."

Eagle has a global reputation as an E-Type specialist, and offers an unparalleled collection of magnificent E-Types for sale, ranging from the earliest original specification dealer launch examples through to fully developed cars.

Beneath the Speedster Lightweight's jaw-droppingly beautiful body, every component has been thoughtfully and skilfully reworked, improved and often lightened resulting in a handmade automotive masterpiece with a weight of just 1000kg. The technical tour de force is the original Lightweight E-Type based aluminium 4.7 litre fuel injected engine and aluminium drive train. While retaining an external appearance identical to the original, they enable the car to offer a power- to- weight ratio matching that of the very latest Porsche 911 Turbo.

2011-Eagle-Jaguar-E-Type-Speedster-Lightweight-InteriorJaguar E-Type Speedster Lightweight Specification

Engine: 4.7 litre, aluminium in line 6 cylinder, longitudinal front mounted
Cylinder head: Aluminium twin cam big valve.
Max power: 310bhp @ 4800rpm
Max Torque: 340lb ft @ 3600rpm
Fuelling: Fuel injection with individual throttle bodies and ECU
Transmission: Aluminium 5 speed gearbox, aluminium Power Lock differential
Suspension: Independent wishbones, 6 high tech adjustable dampers, anti roll bars and rear
radius arms
Brakes: 315mm/280mm drilled and vented discs, Aluminium 4 pot calipers, servo assistance
Steering: Rack and pinion
Wheels: 6 x 16 front, 7.5 x 16 rear, aluminium rims with stainless steel spokes
Tyres: 225/55 x 16 front, 245/55 x 16 rear
Weight: 1008kg dry
0-60mph: under 5 seconds
Top speed: 160mph plus
Height: 1000mm
Length: 4260mm
Width: 1740mm

BMW 760i

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Picture-2002-BMW-760i-SideE65/E66 Automatic Platform is the basis for the year 2002 until now BMW-7 series. It replaced the BMW E38 2002. E65 is the designation of nucleotide version of the little wheel cars, and E66 is the identification of the long wheel base version.

BMW-760i-Front-ViewThe arrival of this model is to announce a new styling era for BMW, the work of graphic designer chief Chris Bangle, with bold visual cues that are not prime in vista without controversy mentioned from E38 community. The E66 E65 seems to get favors after arriving in color, and seems to be the gatekeeper for styling clews future BMW models yet to come. The "Bangle-butt" rear styling has been especially controversial, and soften in the Restyling 2005.

BMW-760i-Front-Angle-ViewThe most important origination contained in the 7 is also the most controversial one : the iDrive organisation. While able to grapple a lot of functions — on-board telematics, including Global Positioning System navigation, Internet accession and the new BMW Assist scheme (for exigencies), as well as climate and stereo functions — iDrive has a steep learning curve. Basic adjustments can be made rather easily.


Acura TL A-Spec Car Review

Friday, May 20, 2011

2010-Acura-TL-A-Spec-Front-Side-ViewAcura TL A-Spec car reviews New car About Acura. Acura has introduced some limited edition car packages The Acura TL A-Spec. Acura TL A-Spec is a car manuals New Articles The prayers are designed models and a 6-speed Transmission 5-speed die.

2010-Acura-TL-A-SpecAcura TL A-Spec body Review The New Cars The New Media designed aerodynamic shape and has a standard hd Simple and elegant. TL A-Spec includes the following features Unique: 19-inch alloy wheels summer ban on New Media Special Performance, Full skirt package aero kit, Front, Side and rear skirts, a chrome grille and rear Name of Midnight, 'A-Spec' Badge and mats 'A-Spec'. interiors sector Acura TL A-Spec prefer the convenience and ease of driving safety and the various New Articles regular penel not FAR from the reach of the driver. The 2010 Acura TL A-Spec features Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) and covers * All features of TL SH-AWD Technology Package trim Both New Media Transmission 6-speed manual transmission or 5-speed OTOMATIS.

Acura TL A-Spec Review New Car is a luxury-performance division of Honda Canada Inc. The Seven different vehicles (CSX, TSX, TL, RL, RDX, MDX and ZDX) marketed Acura Brand New Media. The ZDX Acura, MDX and CSX built Honda's assembly facility in Canada Mfg. in Alliston, Ontario. 2010 Acura TL A-Spec Limited Edition package Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price $ 51.290

2010 Acura TSX V-6 New Car Review

2010-Acura-TSX-V-6-New-Car-Review-Rear-Side2010 Acura TSX V-6 New Car Reviews We never found the Acura's TSX want power, but to fill the gap between entry-level model and the TL is bigger, the company added the TSX model V-6 powered for 2010.

2010-Acura-TSX-V-6-New-Car-Review-Side2010 Acura TSX V-6 New Car Reviews That-V 6 is the same 3.5 liter, 24-valve, SOHC V-6 found in the TL is front-wheel-drive. It still ranks 280 hp and 254 lb-ft of torque, which is 79 hp and 84 lb-ft jump on top of 2.4-liter I-4. Helping channel that power is the new 20-inch wheels and larger disc brakes, which is exclusive to the TSX V-6. Choosing to six banger also produce buyer features like leather seats, power sunroof, and seven-speaker audio system as standard equipment. Acura's Technology Package, including navigation, traffic updates in real-time, and ten-speaker Panasonic / ELS surround sound system, remains an optional extra.

2010-Acura-TSX-V-6-New-Car-Review-Front-side2010 Acura TSX V-6 New Car Reviews Of course this sounds like an attractive option, but it comes with a warning: there is no manual transmission. TSX V-6 comes standard with a five-speed automatic transaxle, Acura, and although it offers a manual mode and paddle shift is needed, we will lose the smooth six-speed manual is offered on-smooth four-cylinder car. Acura's surprisingly quiet on the details most about this car, but promise we will know learn much closer to launching TSX V-6 this summer. Prices have not been announced, but we estimate the basic price hovering around $ 32,000 - right between the TSX and TL four-cylinder front-wheel-drive.

2011 Bentley Mulsanne

Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011_Bentley_Mulsanne_Front_View2011 Bentley Mulsanne very nice, this car is a variant of the Bentley car that is constantly updated for 2011. Features of this car is too much. The Mulsanne design as a merger "unique sportiness, elegance Capucines, and strength.

2011_Bentley_Mulsanne_Side_ViewOn the exterior of this car using contras design and very strong in terms of coloration. The design is made to accommodate customized materials, not to reduce Their usage. For example, the hand brazing of different thicknesses of steel is required to create That exclusive, seamless, flush-fit feeling. Imagine, for example, that it takes a full 45 minutes to braze one lengthy section of metal behind the rear doors.

2011_Bentley_Mulsanne_Rear_ViewThis engine is using a type 90-degree v8 engine, all-new 505bhp engineering marvel That generates 1020Nm of torque, in conjunction with the new eight-speed automatic transmission with a quick-shift, reduces CO2 emissions and offers a potential 15 per cent saving in fuel compared to the previous V8.


2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 1Siemens, which employs a prototype hybrid technology, unveiled a modified version of Mercedes C-Class Sports Coupe which has a faster acceleration, more torque, fuel economy Äîand, Äîthan its gasoline equivalent. However, the company admitted that the car was "far from ready for production, " and too expensive to manufacture or sell.

2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 1
2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 3
2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 4
2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 5
2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 6
2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 7Karmann also showed a concept of Sportcoupe W203 (prefacelift), which has been transformed into a convertible with hood. This prototype has never reached production status

Aston Martin Vantage GT4 Elegant and Sport Car

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aston Martin Vantage GT4 Elegant and Sport Car 1The chassis has been fitted with a high-strength steel rollcage and Recaro competition seats. A suede-trimmed steering wheel with a quick release mechanism is also fitted as standard. The Vantage GT4′s safety features are completed with a Sabelt sixpoint safety harness with a push-button release and Lifeline Zero 360 gas extinguisher system.

Aston Martin Vantage GT4 Elegant and Sport Car 2The V8 Vantage road car’s suspension has required only minor adjustments for optimal track performance. These include larger diameter front and rear anti-roll bars and adjustable ride height aluminium dampers, as well as single rate, flat ground springs with separate helper springs. The front subframe is modified for extra camber and castor. Cast magnesium front and rear wheels are standard fit with high performance Yokohama A048-R tyres. The brakes are uprated with Pagid RS 29 race pads.

As further endorsement of the standard V8 Vantage underframe, the active safety systems are directly carried over to the Vantage GT4, including: dynamic stability control, traction control, ABS and electronic brakeforce distribution, providing reassurance and enhanced control in slippery conditions.

Aston Martin Vantage GT4 Elegant and Sport Car 3What better approach to highway exam a vehicle than to drive it over 3,000 km in a single week. Not most drive which most kilometres in a month (some don’t even do it in the year. In fact many supercars tend to get driven about 5,000 km a year at best. So, afterwards, how does Aston Martin’s 2011 model DB9 hoop a drive as prolonged as a one we had programmed?

It’s satisfactory to indicate out that prior to this sold 2011 Aston Martin DB9 evaluation car was handed over, it had only outlaid the tiresome day at Phillip Island competition course. It literally drove from a lane to a dealership, had its tyres altered as well as got the rinse. No oil change, no mechanical servicing. I was simply handed a keys to begin a prolonged tour from Melbourne to Brisbane around Sydney.